Quotes about friendship

A few days ago, it was my birthday and I received many birthday wishes from my new friends in Facebook. It was really sweet, heart-warming and totally unexpected since I don’t know most of these friends in real life. So in honor of my new friends, in this post I would like to share some verses and/or quotes about friendship in various religions and by famous public figures.

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religious quotes about love

I am sharing these religious quotes about love directly from various holy scriptures as comparative religious studies and hopefully also to spread interreligious understanding and religious tolerance. Judge for yourselves which religious teachings are true or false, and which religious people actually follow their own scripture or not. I personally think if we could follow all these teachings below the world would definitely be a better place. Feel free to copy and paste the images on any social media platform you like. Peace, shalom, salam, namaste :)

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The Story of Noah
Noah and the flood

There are so many ancient flood stories from around the world similar to the story of Noah. Actually there are not only 15 flood myths but there are hundreds! However in this post I will only be sharing 15 representatives of these (compacted) flood stories from the 5 major religions, i.e. JudeoChristianity Islam religions, that is of course: the story of Noah, from Hindu religion and Buddhist “religion”. Then we will continue with flood myths from the representatives of the 5 “continents” i.e. Middle East (ancient Mesopotamian areas and ancient Egypt), Europe (ancient Greece and Scandinavia/Norse mythologies), MesoAmerica, Asia (ancient China), Africa and Australia/Pacific.

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Buddhism Beliefs

Buddhism beliefs are taught by Siddharta Gautama or more popularly known as the Buddha. Most historians date the beginning of Buddhism at around 5th century BCE in India. It has been argued that Buddhism is not a religion but “merely” a philosophy since it does not command its followers to worship to a supernatural being. However, for the sake of our religious comparison study, throughout this site it will be categorized in the religious group. In this article we will be covering the following topics about Buddhism beliefs:

  • History of Buddhism
  • The Main Teachings of Buddhism
  • The Sacred Texts of Buddhism
  • The Buddhas
  • Buddha Maitreya

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