proof that God exists

Is there a God? Is there proof that God exists? 

To some people, the answer to the above question is a definite yes, while for others believing in it is just a gamble or a wager and some people who are sure that God does not exist consider others who do as ignorant.

I belong to those who believe that God exists. I agree with the obviously - not an ignorant French man, Christian philosopher, mathematician, physicist Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) - who said the following:

“Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then without hesitation, that He exists.”

In other words: if a believer is wrong nothing happens to them or oblivion, if a disbeliever is wrong then the alternative would be less attractive: oblivion or damnation. But of course, just believing without further contemplation is ignorance. So let us analyze: is there scientific proof that God exists?


Some people believe that the universe or nature is God or equal to God. Here is the problem with this understanding: what caused the existence of the universe/nature? According to the prevalent scientific theory today the universe was created at ca. 19 billion years ago from a cosmic explosion that hurled matter in all directions, this event is termed as the Big Bang.

The universe is not “beginning-less”, it started from nothing. Although, scientists still do not know what have caused it. The energy needed to split the primordial atom is so immense that nothing in this natural world may be the cause of it. What energy is that? This energy is what we call God (not some old man flying around in the sky, by the way). This energy couldn’t be termed as the universe, because it already existed before the universe was there! So the universe could not be the same as its Creator, or in other words the universe/nature is not God.


To answer this, we need to refer to the Law of Conservation of Matter: “matter cannot be created or destroyed”.

This means we cannot create matter from nothing nor can we turn matter into nothing, the only thing we can do is convert one form of substance to another.

scientific proof that God exists

For example: we can convert water into ice, ice into vapor… but cannot turn vapor into nothing. Nor can we create vapor out of nothing.

So then who created the first matter when the universe was created (i.e. the Big Bang)? The universe appears miraculously, so to speak. “Something” beyond the law of Physics must have caused it! It must have been created by a Power that is above and independent of the laws of Physics as we know them, since this Power is clearly not restricted or confined to the basic laws of Physics, it must be far more superior! Neither can this Power be of a physical essence. It is also justifiable to expect this Power not to have had a beginning because the concept of a beginning and for that matter Time in general, has been shown to be a dimension of the physical universe only.

Einstein stated in his Theory of Relativity that space and matter were all created when the universe was born, and before that moment Time did not exist. It is difficult for the human mind to envisage the concept of No Time, but if we accept that Time is only a dimension of the physical world the idea becomes more acceptable.

Further still, since the universe had a definite beginning before which nothing existed, then such an awesome event (the creation of the universe) cannot be attributed to an “accident” or a “chance”, since before that initial moment of creation nothing existed, not even “chance”!

This law makes it impossible to attribute a “natural” cause to the start of the universe. The energy had to come from somewhere, the energy whose radiation we still receive. A superior non-physical Power and Creator is the only possible explanation to this argument.


The mechanical argument is also in support of the concept of a Creator. “For every action there is a reaction, equal to it and opposite in direction.”

Everything that has moved was moved by something else. If we go back in time, tracing everything to its original mover, we would ultimately arrive at that which was not moved by anything else. This analysis will also lead us to the unavoidable conclusion of an Initial Creator.


We can also use the Law of Probabilities to show that the universe could not have happened and operate by chance. The best way to explain the Laws of Probabilities is by using an example:

If you throw a dice, the chance of obtaining double 6 is 2.7% or 1 out of 36. This means if you throw a dice 1000 times, the chances are you should get double 6 around 27 times.

does God exist - laws probability

Now, if you throw a dice 1000 times and obtain double 6 every single throw then there is a design, a system or a controlling force behind the throws. This is not a chance!

The universe does not operate by chance. This can be seen in the science of genetics that offers vivid evidence that chance could not be a factor in the process of creation due to the very precise combinations necessary in the building of cells. These requisite combinations defy all Laws of Probabilities.

On a larger scale, we only need to look at the universe to be able to marvel at the endless examples of precision and beautiful design. Every field of scientific knowledge seems to testify to the existence of a Master Creator. It does not seem difficult to dismiss the possibility of Chance. The universe cannot be created by Chance or accident.

A fitting quote here is that of an American Biologist and Zoologist, Professor Edwin Conklin, he stated:

“The probability of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the Unabridged Dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing company.”

In other words: it is impossible!


Many thinkers: Pythagoras, Plato, Cusanus, Keppler, Leibniz, Fibonacci, Newton, Planck and Einstein are convinced that the existence of numbers and geometrical shapes are the concept of the universe. Galileo said that “Mathematics is the language of God when He created the universe”.

The universe is filled with numbers that repeat themselves (periodic) which are structured and systematic. For example: the orbit of the moon, earth and other planets, the number of DNA and chromosomes, the characteristics of the atoms, all the chemical elements, and so forth.

As a layman, the simplest example that I can understand is the constant of water (binary compound) which is: H2O. When 2 atoms of Hydrogen are joined with 1 atom of Oxygen it becomes water. Always! Now, this is one of the Laws of the Universe.

Scientists calculate that during the first few minutes after the expansion began, roughly 25% of the Hydrogen in the universe was converted into Helium. Scientists also say that if the Strong Force had been slightly more intense all the Hydrogen in the universe would be converted into Helium. In such case life would never exist for 3 reasons:

1. There would be no water without Hydrogen.
2. Hydrogen is necessary for proteins and nucleic acids that are needed for life.
3. Stars that have only Helium is extremely short lived and could never reach the ca. 3 billion years figure that our system took for life to appear.

scientific proof that God exists	- strong weak forces

But if the Strong Force were a little weaker, things would not exist as the protons could not stay together in the cores of atoms. So the constant figure of the Strong Force of Attraction is exactly what is needed to create life in the universe. Had nature opted for a slightly different set of numbers, the world would have been a very different place and we would not be here to see it. Thus, to believe that life originated without an Intelligent Designer becomes really absurd.

Even (many) intelligent scientists have to admit that without external cause (i.e.: the Supernatural Power or what we call God) the Big Bang and the creation of life in the universe is impossible. The only logical hypothesis by studying the nature is that an Intelligent Being created the heavens and the earth. And this Being cannot be human or like anything in the natural world.


There is so much symmetry in the universe to be able to go through all of it, but one particular design has special appeal. And that is the Macro/Micro pattern.

does God exist - atom galaxy

If we look at the universe at large we find that it is composed of vast areas of empty space and also other areas containing shapeless matter in the form of hot gases, dark matter and formed stars. These stars group together to form galaxies. Our galaxy Milky Way has within it no less than 100 billion individual stars. Our star, the sun, has nine planets (or eight planets since Pluto is no longer considered as a planet) in orbit around it. Most of these planets have a number of moons again in orbit. The basic force that governs the movement of all these bodies is gravity. The moons rotate around their planets, which all rotate around the mother star, which in our case is the sun. Similarly, all these stars revolve round the center of gravity of the galaxy. Galaxies group together to form clusters of galaxies and once again individual galaxies revolve round the center of gravity of the cluster.

Clusters group together to form super-clusters, and these obey the same laws. These are the largest units in the universe as we know it today.

When we proceed in the opposite direction, we notice that the similarity is truly remarkable. If we examine the atom which is the smallest form of substance able to exist in a chemical reaction, we find that it is composed of electrons revolving round a nucleus, in the same way as stars revolve round the center of gravity of their galaxies. Are we but seeing the finger prints of the Creator? If one searches one can surely find God. God’s marvels are all around us.

The more we advance on the path of science in all directions, micro and macro, the arguments that there is an Intelligent Designer becomes increasingly eloquent. The origin of the “laws” of nature and the precise values of the “constants”, without life could never have originated, necessitate intelligent design.

When analyzed logically, the "God hypotheses" emerges as a factual reality. This in essence is pure science.

scientific proof that God exists - the universe

Thus, looking at the facts that nature provides us, leaves us with only two options:
1. See it or acknowledge the prove based on science, or
2. Ignore or reject it, which will be the same as abandoning science itself.

Just as Annie Dillard – the winner of Pulitzer award for non-fiction book in 1975 – wrote it beautifully:
“The universe was not made in jest but in solemn incomprehensible earnest. By a power that is unfathomable secret, and holy and fleet. There is nothing to be done about it, but ignore it or see it.”


Let’s assume that the above arguments are enough to prove that God exists, the next questions will be: how many God or gods are there? Does this mean everyone who believes in God is correct, wise and just? Unfortunately, not.

Do the above arguments mean that the teachings of religions really come from God? Sadly, we all know that the history of religions (all religions) is full of bloody fights and wars.

Although this does not necessary mean that the teachings are wrong; it just proves that the followers of various religions can be violent, right? Can we really analyze the teaching of a religion by the action of its followers? I believe not. I believe the way to analyze the teaching of a religion is by reading its religious scriptures directly.

If you’re interested to learn more kindly read the following posts for the basic teachings of the 5 major religions in the world (i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) in this very blog.

If you want to know more about the complete comparison study of all these religions: the contradictions and embellishment in the teachings, the influence of pagan teachings in religions, similar stories between religions and world mythologies as well as alternative theories concerning the origin of humanity kindly read MythoReligio series.

Thank you for reading and may you find this information useful.



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